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If you are looking to relax while your pool getting cleaned without worrying about calling in a pool cleaner or cleaning the surface of the pool by yourself, you do not need to look further.

How about if I tell you that you can eliminate hand skimming, reduce the amount of bacteria growth in your pool and lower pool pump usage by using one machine?








The Solar-Breeze pool skimmer from Solar Pool Technologies, is an intelligent robot that uses free energy from the sun to keep your swimming pool clean by removing leaves, debris, organic material, pollens, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before they sink to the bottom.

You may wonder why am I blogging about his product.. It is true that pool-cleaning system, which we ran weekly, is beneficial to clean the whole pool. But check this out. .

Most pool cleaning systems are designed to clean the pool from the bottom after organic material; debris and dust have become water logged and sink. Most of the material that ends up on the bottom of the pool floats on the surface for up to 3 hours before it sinks. If this debris was removed from the surface, less material would collect on the bottom of the pool and bottom-cleaning systems would not have to run as often. In addition, fewer bacteria would grow and accumulate in the pool since the organic material is being removed before it has a chance to decay in the sunlight.


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Thanks to Solar Breeze, now you can save time, energy and money. Neat..

Retail Price: 498$

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