Not Only laptops are portable

Now you can escape to your private retreat and luxury place whenever and wherever you’d like!

Home Spas are designed for your everyday relaxation, but what happens when you aren’t at home, or are going on vacation? Spice up your life by taking your Spa with you while camping, visiting friends, or to your favorite outdoor retreat.

Whether your are in your garden, friend’s house, or camping, you can still enjoy the spa sensation.

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Aqua Spa is portable, simple to set up, stylish with a modern design to make you feel like you are in a fixed spa. What makes Aqua Spa unique is the top quality laminated PVC, synthetic leather material, and the I-beam structure which gives rigidity and durability in a space-saving design.

Due to the stresses and problem of everyday life, don’t we all need a place to relax and beat the stress put on our bodies throughout the day?

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With Aqua Spa you can close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy soothing relaxation. Let the warm, bubbling waters wash away the chaos, loosen your muscles, and you’re your mind, anywhere and at any time. 

Spa- up your life by one click


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