Envelope to A Chair

Don’t you hate carrying chairs around to camp somewhere, to throw a party or to setup a hangout place?

Do you  always have to rent chairs for your event or rent a truck to move the chairs?

How about if I can tell you that there are chairs that you can fold in an envelope and carry  with you???

Check out these Flux Chairs from Flux Furniture.. From flat to chair in only ten seconds. You can fold the chair back in an extremely flat position with easy steps.

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Weighing in at only 10.6 pounds, they are light enough to carry around and strong enough to support up to 352 pounds. When folded, the Flux built-in handle makes it easy to transport the chair from the patio to the park and everywhere in between.

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The flux chair , an award-winning Dutch design. One craftily cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene, eight modern colours to choose from and zero tools necessary. That’s Hot..

Save spacemoney and storage room with this super weatherproof flat furniture.



Not everything that looks like a paper is a paper. Flux Chairs look like a paper, but are custom developed from durable plastic, tested and certified for heavy-duty use.

You want to express your brand or logo or tattoo on these chairs? Check what others have done.



The flattest design furniture in the world also created Junior flex chair so kids build their own playground, the color they want.



Retial Price:  89$ , Junior Chairs: 59$

Get  your Flux Chair for your satisfaction.



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