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This is not Smarties

This is how clean and beautiful your pool floor can look with drain covers from Color Match Pool Fittings, Inc.

Have you ever noticed how the different color of your pool drain draws away from the attractiveness  of the rest of your pool? Every time you look down into your pool you likely notice the drain pool fitting popping out. It can be an eyesore.

Which option do you prefer; an ugly plastic cover, or a unique design which blends into your pool?That’s right! You can now have your drain cover match your pool for an even, attractive, and practical surface.


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The Drain Covers  from Color Match Pool Fittings, Inc. has been Virgina Graeme Baker (VGB) approved and certified by IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. to meet Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub code requirements.

If you love your pool and love being a perfectionist, the pebble pool fitting drains are your best bet.

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Simply apply any finish, or tile, directly on top of the patented Pebble Top drain covers to enhance the natural beauty of your pool. The Pebble Top drain has a gradual slope that virtually eliminates automatic cleaner hang-ups, preventing your pool from being cleaned.

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