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How about If can tell you that this solar duck is a Chlorinator for your pool and spa that uses energy from the sun to light up at night?

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This solar duck chlorinator from GAME, happily decorates your pool as it chlorinates both during the day and at night.



Just throw this duck or multiple of ducks in your pool and you will be amazed with the light effects.

Don’t you agree that lightening up your pool is very creative, cozy and attractive?

We are not done yet… 

My Favorite product from GAME is the Water Proof Playing Cards















You love playing cards? Thanks to GAME, Now you can play cards while you are in the pool or next to the water without worrying about ruining your cards.

Crafted from 100% waterproof, durable PVC material these plastic playing cards can be dealt, shuffled, and played in water without damage or sticking together! The same size as regular playing cards and comes with a waterproof case.

These waterproof playing cards are the perfect way to liven up your fun in the sun!

We all can’t guarantee a winning hand every time, but we can at least guarantee that these Plastic Playing Cards will never get soggy!

Find your Water Proof Playing Cards and the LightUp Duck in any of these shops.


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