Your (Pool) Office Anywhere

Would you believe it if I tell you that this classic furniture is made of plastic?

With this stylish and affordable chair from Mal, you can throw your feet up and twist like an office chair in comfort. Feel like you are sitting in your own office while you lounge around your house. Or, use it outside, or near the swimming pool. You can sit like a boss, and delegate home life the way it is supposed to be—in comfort.

 mal1-785 Mal1956_test_render_004

The tall Lummel lamp will lighten up every lazy evening. It is well suited for interior lighting and the exterior landscaping. Adjustable in height and moves easily to direct light on any surface direction you’d like.  The Lummel is available in a variety of fresh bold colors.

The white, grey and blue Lummel  have a blue power cord, while the other color chairs are equipped with a black one for perfection.

mallummelgroen785  finalmallummel785

So, what about it… Plastic remake of lounge chair..
Get your Lummel Lamp , stool and chairs now

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