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Your Team on Your Football Table

Is Ella the first female football player ever spotted on a football table? Have you ever seen a female footballer on a football table? No? Well, you can now—and much much more. Now you can have your own customized outdoor football table! By customized, I don’t mean just the color or model of the football table, but…


Walkman in a bottle of water

Most of the electronics we use on a regular basis aren’t designed to be thrown in a swimming pool and survive. Right? In fact, we expect most of our electronics to be destroyed if they land in something as small as a puddle. However, check out this which is placed in a bottle of water…


Ping-Pong and Eat Anywhere

Playing Ping-Pong outside is an outdoor lifestyle. It’s a way of living in the summer while enjoying the weather and good times of hanging out with friends and family. Let’s face it. Summer is never as long as we like it, so you need to enjoy as much of it as you can, as long…

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Bike It.Don’t Sweat It

I know some people do not like to practice sports because its tiring, and boring. I agree with them… They may prefer water aerobics, which includes all courses fitness in the water. This is a gym that is practiced on a faster pace than the aerobics. The water aerobics is done with different accessories  which  is a fun sport. WaterFlex…


Play Pool Anywhere, Anytime

This sleek and attractive pool table is not just for decoration, it is actually an avant-garde, concrete pool table that can be placed anywhere. Thanks to , now the game of billiards is modernized and styled in the industrial look of a new futuristic generation. ​The pool table is made of light gray concrete and…