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Leaves Leave Alone.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a tool to clean your pool of debris, in minutes, before it ever reaches the pool bottom? What if the tool required little time, effort, or money to accomplish the task? Anyone who has ever owned a pool knows maintaining a clean pool is not an easy task….


Small But Big Impact.

With life’s frantic pace, who can find the time to mow the lawn, much less the time to trim, weed, edge and landscape the yard? Busy lives and hectic schedules often mean the lawn doesn’t get mowed when needed. Maintaining your yard and garden is a time-consuming task, but advancements in technology and gardening promises to make lawn care faster, more fun and much less difficult….

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Music in a Lunch Box

The sun is beaming and the beach is beckoning you! All you need to do is slip into your swimsuit; grab your sunscreen, towel, bottled water and your favorite summer songs playlist and hit the beach. Who said the beach is just about tanning? Chilling at the beach or pool just isn’t the same without your smooth…

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Baywatch Dog

Now, you probably think that all dogs know how to swim, but it’s not true! Some dogs are naturally “water dogs” and will jump right in and swim without any coaxing from you. Others pups are more hesitant and need a bit of help. A swimming and playful dog in the pool can be a…


Carry your Lamp Everywhere

Lighting is one of the best and simplest ways to accent your décor. Light enriches, brightens, and delights indoor and outdoor living spaces in ways other accessories cannot. When choosing lighting for your home’s living areas, electrical outlets are not always where you’d like,thus making light placement more difficult. Wires running to and along the…

Water Protection gear Pretty Flowered Petal Swim Cap, swimming pool ideas Pretty Flowered Petal Swim Cap

Swim with Style

When summer arrives and the pool begins calling your name – you hesitate simply because your hair suffers in from the chlorine and the sun’s harmful rays. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out the benefits of a swim cap. You’re probably thinking, swim caps!?! Really?!? Those Silicon or latex…