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Grill A Sculpture.

Nothing says summer quite like the smoky-sweet flavor of a backyard BBQ. Everyone goes mad and starts to grill a lot when the sun is out. Strong flavors, rich sauces, charred vegetables…HEAVEN; so come on and get that grill on gang! There are so many different sizes, brands, shapes and prices when it comes to grills. If you are fortunate enough…

swimming pool ideas poolside climbing wall , swimming pool supplies poolside climbing wall

Climb, Splash & Repeat

Are you a thrill seeker? Someone who loves sports and adventures? Do you dream of climbing a mountain or even scaling a wall? But confess to the fear of falling? Or possibly there is no time or money to make the dream happen? What would you think if you could climb a wall with no…


Bring a Gondolier Home

Pool parties usually consist of a gathering of friends, lots of food, beverages, splashing and of course – music! You probably spend a lot of time and money getting the speakers just right and choosing the perfect songs for the occasion, don’t you? After all, you want everything to be fun and enjoyable for your…

Patio decorating ideas La Siesta Hammock, House Decorating ideas la siesta hammock, home and outdoor gadget

Swing Anywhere

Titile The task of finding a hammock that not only suits your personal style and décor, but is also cozy and comfy enough to truly relax in is not an easy task. When you are looking for a hammock for your home, you have to consider where and how you can hang it simply and…


Walkman in a bottle of water

Most of the electronics we use on a regular basis aren’t designed to be thrown in a swimming pool and survive. Right? In fact, we expect most of our electronics to be destroyed if they land in something as small as a puddle. However, check out this which is placed in a bottle of water…


Save the Earth and Drink Beer

Imagine yourself sitting on a patio drinking beer and not worrying about the ice or more trips to the fridge to grab another cold beer. Don’t you agree that the worst thing about summer outings is the ice, or more so the lack of ice? Someone always forgets to bring the ice, leaving you stuck with warm…

Swimming pool ideas Broodle Lite Swim Noodle, cool outdoor gear Broodle Lite Swim Noodle,

Drink from a Noodle

Everyone enjoys swimming, but what do you do with your beverage when you jump in for a refreshing swim? Typically, you take a sip of your drink; leave it on the pool deck or table, or along the lake shore or boat to go for a swim in the pool or the lake. Everyone would…


To all Bag Lovers, This is not a bag

Haven’t you noticed, that hoses are the most used accessory in your patio and the ugliest product?  But you can change that with the below gorgeous hoses. Now you can add glamour to your garden with the range of luxurious yet fun high quality hoses and accessories. Designed to become a feature in your garden ,…


Red,Pretty & Heats?

Infrared Heaters are finally made pretty It takes a lot to impress me. I mean, I look at pool products every day and, to be honest, most are very similar. They aren’t bad products, they just aren’t terribly special. That was until I saw this very cool product. Actually, it’s hot—in a cool way. Let…


Water Your Garden with a Bag!

Are kinking hoses making watering your garden a frustrating, time zapping chore? Sometimes a good yank gets that water flowing again, but more often than not it’s a tedious task of retracing steps, un-kinking kinks and starting all over again. Hoses often kink because they’ve been rolled, looped or have just plain seen their day….