You’v got Balls?

You like the beach lifestyle? What if we told you that you can feel like summer all year round ? Real inflatable beach balls from TobyHouse ,are manufactured with a transparent window and a special air-tight new generation LED lighting system combining in a wonderful ball-light for indoor spaces.

TabletopVersion1000 CeilingCluster1000

When lit they glow all around, and shine a light out through the transparent window. Available as a pendant or floor lamp, these are the perfect accessory in living and play areas whether it’s for kids, for big kids, for beach locations or for those who just love the beach! Don’t worry about inflating the beach ball , its pretty easy… any regular pop-out blow hole works.

Kids Room 1000   images (1)

The colorful clustered lamps are outfitted with LED lights and use optical patterns to create a playful atmosphere. When put together into clusters, the shades evoke the atmosphere of the beach and look soft and bouncy.

images (2) BeachHutSmall1000

Grab your Beach Ball now for 90£

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