Your Team on Your Football Table

Is Ella the first female football player ever spotted on a football table? Have you ever seen a female footballer on a football table?

No? Well, you can now—and much much more.

Now you can have your own customized outdoor football table!

By customized, I don’t mean just the color or model of the football table, but also, the name of the players, field color, the team’s kits, gender, and even skin color. Imagine putting together a team for your football table which matches to your personal taste. It’s like having your own football team, in miniature.

images (8) wall-champion-hanger2

Who says you need to buy a PlayStation and stay indoors to choose and customize your own soccer game?

You can now bring life to your outdoor parties and summertime fun.

The RS#3 by RS-Barcelona is a football table made of high-quality materials, such as steel with a cataphoresis coating process, polyester paint, and weather resistant Iroko wood legs designed for outdoor living.

RS3wood_black_01SHOPIFY_large  RS3Wood_white_02SHOPIFY_large

The details are what makes this football table different, such as the rubber-soled levelers, ashtrays, and cup holders for the four players.

Now you can play like a football player, and drink like a fan.

We are not done yet! Check this out! You can convert the football table into a dining table with just one kit!


rs2_dinning_tall_rect_black_01_6 rs2_dinning_tall_oval_black_01_6

Create Your own Football table here and check out these other outdoor gears games that you can enjoy playing with all year long


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