Walkman in a bottle of water

Most of the electronics we use on a regular basis aren’t designed to be thrown in a swimming pool and survive. Right? In fact, we expect most of our electronics to be destroyed if they land in something as small as a puddle.

However, check out this Sony waterproof 4 GB MP3 Walkman which is placed in a bottle of water to demonstrate its benefit and a great swimming pool idea.

Sony combined a set of ear buds and a 4 GB MP3 player into a pair of plastic pods connected by a rubber wire which wraps around the back of the neck. Sony provides three different sizes of ear buds to ensure a secure fit.

This Walkman is the perfect partner for your workout anywhere and at any time.

sony-walkman-w-series-waterproof-music-player-577x237    sony4

Most of us worry about subjecting our smartphone, MP3 player, or an expensive set of headphones to the sweat and casual abuse that can destroy most gadgets during the course of a workout or run. Imagine yourself mid-run when it begins to rain, or running along the street and a car splashes a puddle all over your body. With Sony’s new waterproof MP3 Walkman you now don’t have to worry about such casual disasters.

Whether you’re lapping the pool, or biking the trails, the W Series Sports Walkman delivers your beats on the move with sound waves that have never sounded better. Sony’s swimming ear buds are specially designed to keep water out and deliver rich, accurate sound, lap after lap. The ear buds are designed to operate 2 meters under water, providing excellent sound, while drowning away sounds which may affect your concentration.

The ear buds are a lightweight, hands free, and no wire design, which wraps around your head with no wires to dangle or tangle, giving you the freedom to move in any direction.


Spend less time organizing music and more time sweating to it. Simply connect to a computer, then drag and drop your favorite songs.

What’s exceptional is that a three-minute charge will provide users with an hour’s worth of use. For anyone like me who forgets to regularly charge their hardware, this is a killer feature.

Complex music may not sound at its best, but remember, this is an all-in-one waterproof MP3 player and ear buds for less than $100.

Sony created a smart marketing campaign. This simple packaging innovation gave them a unique way to display the product, which instantly demonstrates its benefit. It also transformed the humble vending machine into a conversation starter and a distribution channel, allowing swimmers to buy the product as easily as they’d buy bottle of water.

 bottled-walkman-sony-designboom03  waterproof-sony-walkman-2

This MP3 Player is a great pick for anyone looking for an affordable, rugged MP3 player to keep them company at the gym, pool, on a jog, or a long bike ride.

Choose your own set that matches your beat and your style with exciting color options.



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