Water Your Garden with a Bag!

Are kinking hoses making watering your garden a frustrating, time zapping chore? Sometimes a good yank gets that water flowing again, but more often than not it’s a tedious task of retracing steps, un-kinking kinks and starting all over again.

Hoses often kink because they’ve been rolled, looped or have just plain seen their day. Kinks lead to cracks and leaks as well as impeding the flow of water, making hydrating your Hydrangeas less than satisfying for anyone, even the Hydrangea. .


Before you give up on your garden, enter The Giessbert Pack.


Easy to fill, its 20 litre capacity is evenly distributed about your shoulders and torso and allows you to water the whole garden without refilling countless cans.  Its ergonomically correct weight distribution lets you say goodbye to back straining bending and lifting of heavy watering cans.


The easy-flow hose ensures that water flows continuously, or until you say stop.  This easy to use system will surely put the joy back in the simple task of watering the garden.


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