Listen to your music the Marley Way

How many of us go to the pool and listen to our music through headphones? Do you feel like you are alone and on your own planet, unable to share with those around you, what inspires you?

How cool is playing music aloud while tanning and hanging out? Let your friend dance, and meet new people who enjoy the same music.

Remove these headphones and be a rebel. Carry out a Bag of Rhythm  from House of Marley that reminds you of an old-school boom box.

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The headphones come in a canvas bag which is not only attractive, but also delivers quality audio performance at moderate volumes.

Be stylish and cool at the same time.

We all like to carry nice things such as nice designer bags, so don’t let an ugly boom box ruin your beach-style.

When snuggled inside the Bag of Rhythm, the wooden top panel, and the dock are kept uncovered, which gives a nice look.


Built with durable canvas and FSC certified birch wood, this system has an earthy style that looks great wherever you take it, and is sure to bring the party to you.

Carry and share your music the old school style with Bag of Rhythm for 299.99 £ and relax on the most comfortable hammock 


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