Ice frozen in a box for 5 days

Ice frozen in a box for up to 5 days? It’s true!

Don’t let melted ice and warm drinks control your vacation.

Brute Box coolers from Brute Outdoors, can keep ice frozen for up to five days without constant replacement thanks to 2 inches of insulation, a neoprene gasket, and cantilever latches. They also have a built-in ruler and drain, as well as rope handles. With four cooler sizes available you are sure to find one to suit your needs.

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Made from an ultra durable, never-rust polymer, the Brute Hauler extends for longer coolers and is capable of supporting up to 600 pounds. It’s strong, light, and rugged. The coolers are American made and professional grade coolers for hunting, fishing, boating, marine and camping.

You will no doubt be attracted to the quality of the construction and the look of the product. It is significantly cheaper than their major competitor. It could be used as a part-time hunting cooler and part-time fishing cooler depending on the season!

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Anywhere that you would need to have a cool drink, the toughness, durability, and cooler size selection are ideal for any of your outdoor adventures.

Take your Brute Box with you now from $ 229, and find that you don’t know how you ever lived without one.



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