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Climb, Splash & Repeat

Are you a thrill seeker? Someone who loves sports and adventures? Do you dream of climbing a mountain or even scaling a wall? But confess to the fear of falling? Or possibly there is no time or money to make the dream happen?

What would you think if you could climb a wall with no climbing gear? If you fall off, you will NOT crush anything when your harness catches you or you hit the floor with a loud, painful thud? What if instead you would splash down into a refreshing pool of cool water? What if falling off the wall is even more fun than climbing it? Wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

Well, now you can! The poolside climbing wall , AquaClimb is now available for your poolside! The AquaClimb wall is a luxurious mounted climbing wall, installed poolside, which requires no climbing gear; but simply your pool and a swimsuit! Now granted, it may be the same as an extreme cannonball off the roof into the pool, but it’s just as much fun and definitely a lot safer.


The AquaClimb wall is the ultimate in fun and adventurous luxury with walls of varying heights, color coded climbing routes (based on the level of difficulty and your skill). Each AquaClimb wall is created from the highest quality stainless steel and Lexan climbing surfaces. The fiberglass panels include hand-sculpted rock features and the ability to be rotated 90 degrees or even reconfigured to customize the level of difficulty. A non-slip, textured surface, with interchangeable handholds and a 10 degree angled design ensures safety while climbing.

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Families, friends and neighbors will be excited to join in the fun at your pool, climbing and ‘falling’ from the AquaClimb wall into your pool. Fun, challenging, enjoyable and completely safe to climb in the water; all you and your guests do is climb, splash and repeat for hours of pool party fun!

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Though not as challenging as climbing some of the great peaks of the Himalayas, the AquaClimb wall offers a safe, warm, inviting and fun climb coupled with a great upper body/core workout. Let the fun begin – Climb, Splashdown, and Repeat!

Get your Poolside Climbing Wall now and share the fun.


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