Water Protection gear Pretty Flowered Petal Swim Cap, swimming pool ideas Pretty Flowered Petal Swim Cap

Swim with Style

When summer arrives and the pool begins calling your name – you hesitate simply because your hair suffers in from the chlorine and the sun’s harmful rays. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out the benefits of a swim cap.


You’re probably thinking, swim caps!?! Really?!? Those Silicon or latex head coverings worn by recreational and competitive swimmers? Why yes, they do offer benefits – they keep the hair out of one’s face, protect the hair from chlorine or sea salt and reduce the loss of body heat. But a swim cap, really? Though functional, they are certainly not attractive and don’t allow your beauty to shine through, now do they?

Well, calm down for just a moment. Pool caps do keep your hair shimmering and healthy and some pools  require that they be worn. So what’s a girl to do?

Recently featured in Vogue, the latest in swim caps are certainly en vogue! Fashion designers have created a pretty vintage (ala the 1950s) swim cap. Glamourous and water-tight, the Pretty Flowered Petal Swim Cap from Head Covers delivers on style and swim couture while protecting your lovely locks from harmful pool chemicals, harsh UV rays and salt water and their damaging effects on your hair!


These retro-style swim caps are sure to make a splash at the beach and the pool with their  three dimensional flowers creating a fun and elegant look.  The vintage style swim cap is available in more than 28 unique color combinations, for a custom look that will complement anything in your swimwear wardrobe.

Don’t let the fear of split-ends and dry scalps keep you from summertime’s fun – grab one of these trendy stylish swim caps from and dive right in! You can chil on the most comfortable convenient noodle while enjoying your favorite drink.

These cool retro bathing caps are ideal for modern summer beach and poolside fun!

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