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Baywatch Dog

Now, you probably think that all dogs know how to swim, but it’s not true! Some dogs are naturally “water dogs” and will jump right in and swim without any coaxing from you. Others pups are more hesitant and need a bit of help. A swimming and playful dog in the pool can be a lot of fun, especially if you live in a hot climate as it provides a wonderful exercise alternative to walking in the heat on hot uncomfortable pavement. But as a pet lover, you also want your beloved dog to be safe in the pool and in no danger of drowning. Dog swimming is great fun and exercise for your dog but your dog needs a way to get in and out of the pool safely. Though some dogs will hop in whenever you do, others will need an easy entry that allows them to keep their head above water. With a pool, your dog also needs a safe way to get out when tired and ready for a poolside nap. The Swimming Pool Pet Ramp from Front Gate is the ideal solution for you and your pet. This durable pet ramp attaches to your pool side deck and provides your dog with a safe and easy way to enter and exit the pool all the time.   pet  pet3 Created from recycled UV and chemical-resistant plastics, it’s also ideal for ponds and boat docks. It resists discoloration and repels bacterial growth and mildew. The ramp comes with a rope, stainless steel D rings, and nylon washers for fast, easy and secure assembly and attachment to your poolside. pet4pet With just a few tries, your dog will be coming in and out of the pool with ease, enjoying time in the pool with you! Buy yours today and enjoy time with your furry best friend safely in the pool!

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