Hang Out Underwater

Do you remember, as a kid, competing with your friends and siblings on who can hold their breath the longest underwater? Then daydreaming what you could do if you could hold your breath for hours!

I can tell you now that you can stay and play underwater in a pool for as along as you want!

FunUnder Pool Snorkel System , is the first underwater breathing system that makes it possible for two swimmers to breath underwater for an unlimited amount of time. It brings a new level of relaxation and adventure to your pool.

No, it’s not like snorkelling or diving. FunUnder is easier and safer than a snorkel while being much less complicated than SCUBA equipment. Unlike using a snorkel, you have no limitations when you go underwater, and breathing with FunUnder is easy, allowing you to swim without ever having to hold your breath, even at the bottom of your pool. Unlike SCUBA, FunUnder has no heavy tanks to fill, gas engines, rechargeable batteries, setup, strap on and does not cost thousands of dollars. Breathing underwater has never been this easy.

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Its easy, risk free and simple. Check it out!

FunUnder’s low-pressure high-volume air pump is designed to supply on-demand air for up to two divers at depths down to 15 feet for as long as you want, and is ready 24/7. Transporting is a cool breeze, the FunUnder stows and rolls with a gear bag, a pop up handle, and wheels. The FunUnder SCUBA-like regulators (breather mouth pieces) are specially designed for comfort and to breathe easily at low pressures and shallow depths making it the perfect system for your pool. It comes with 2 silicone masks, a 25 foot main air supply hose, two 25 foot swimmer air hoses, and the 2 belts to which they attach, as well as a 6 foot safety cable to secure the FunUnder to a stationary object
If you want to have the most popular pool in the neighbourhood and entertain young and old by providing an exciting adventure, FunUnder is your best bet.

If you want to experience utter relaxation and zero gravity for bone and muscle relief or meditation,

FunUnder is a great way to rehabilitate those achy joints.

Being able to breathe underwater is one of those human desires you no longer need to deny yourself. A pool with FunUnder is safer and more fun than one without FunUnder .

Get FunUnder today and start your underwater adventure!

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