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Drink from a Noodle

Everyone enjoys swimming, but what do you do with your beverage when you jump in for a refreshing swim?

Typically, you take a sip of your drink; leave it on the pool deck or table, or along the lake shore or boat to go for a swim in the pool or the lake.

Everyone would love a way to take that drink along with them into the cooling water; but grabbing your drink and keeping it with you in the pool or lake is not an easy task.

Finally a new idea lets you do just that!

At the Pool Spa Patio Expo in Orlando, I discovered an innovative pool noodle that lets you float hands free while sipping on your drink. Check out The Broodle Lite Swim Noodle that allows you to float and relax while enjoying your favorite beverage!!

Meet the Broodle Lite Swim Noodle !

broodle-lite-river_resized bouquet-lite_resized

Made of super light all-foam components, the Broodle Lite Swim Noodle has you ready for the pool or the lake – all you need to do is grab your favorite beverage and jump right in!

The 60” Broodle Lite Swim Noodle comes complete with its own detachable beverage holder designed to snuggly hold most aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The drink hold attaches to the noodle whenever you need it – always ready for to hold your next drink while you relax in the pool or lake.

broodle-lite1_resized broodle_lite2

The Broodle Light Swim Noodle  is made in the USA and delivers a fun and practical way to make sure your favorite flotation device and drink are always close at hand.




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