Borat Style ;-)

Sadly, the summer of 2014 is over. The good news is that, in just a few months, another summer will be here! Before getting too excited about 2015, take a few minutes to look back at all the fun you had this past summer! I’ll be willing to bet that most of you got tanned, went on fabulous cruises, travelled to exotic places, and took time to relax.

One thing that I think needs to be addressed is swimwear. We usually do not criticise any brand or product, but I feel it’s necessary to give a bit of advice about what NOT to wear for swimwear next summer.

It’s true that we all have different tastes and styles. But, come on, some of the current swimwear designs are disastrous. Here are a couple of examples:


Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style


Okay, there is no doubt that either of these is an attention-getter. But, think about it–the only attention you will get with this swimwear, is OMG what is he thinking? Granted, these suits are a step beyond what we’re used to seeing. We’ve all seen Speedo’s, we may have even become used to seeing mankini’s, but some new swimsuit trends for men are . . . well . . . just plain weird. There is, now, something called the “string lateral flash thong” for men. You don’t want to know.  Trust me. However, if you must know, you can Google it. Just remember, you’ve been warned.

Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style

Not everyone can pull off the more “interesting” looks shown here. These looks require a very good physique and the personality to go along with it. You don’t have to go to extremes (or wear extremely little!) to get attention in your swimsuit. You want a swimsuit that is functional, one that fits your body, and you want it to fit your personality, as well.

The ladies aren’t immune from tragic swimwear, either. Here is an example of a rather revealing bikini, that would also result in some really odd tan lines:

Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style Borat Style swimwear, swimming pool ideas: borat style

Women’s swimwear should be classy and stylish. Remember ladies, just because something is weird does not mean it’s stylish. That goes along with “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!”

While exercising at the pool today, I saw an older woman in a very pretty one piece suit that accentuated her figure. She looked stunning–and she didn’t have to show every inch of skin. She was a very outgoing lady and her swimsuit was a muted pattern in a rainbow of colors that matched her personality. She was getting attention for all the right reasons.

There is nothing wrong with shock value, if that’s what you’re into. Just make sure you are truly one of the rare individuals who truly CAN pull off one of those attention getting suits before you wear it in public.

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