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With life’s frantic pace, who can find the time to mow the lawn, much less the time to trim, weed, edge and landscape the yard? Busy lives and hectic schedules often mean the lawn doesn’t get mowed when needed. Maintaining your yard and garden is a time-consuming task, but advancements in technology and gardening promises to make lawn care faster, more fun and much less difficult. If you are tired of pushing your lawn mower the old-fashioned way, it’s time for you to try The John Deere TANGO E5 autonomous lawn mower which requires no physical exertion on your part! johndeeree5-9  johndeeree5-3 The TANGO E5 will mow your lawn while you relax on your patio lounge chair, float in the pool or sit inside watching the game on television. How is this possible, you may ask? The TANGO E5 is all weather capable letting it mow through your overgrown lawn even in persistent precipitation. This TANGO E5 can be programmed to cut your lawn with little supervision on the hottest summer day or in a torrential downpour. Though most lawnmowers have difficulty cutting through slick, wet grass, this incredible John Deere invention lets users stay dry while it goes to work on fashioning a lawn that will leave the neighbors envious.   786215080e3e3e865729a6c8684c9a24 A The TANGO E5 is ideal for lawns up to 1,800 square meters. How will you keep your TANGO from venturing into neighbor’s yard mowing through the flower beds or wandering aimlessly down the street? Honestly, the TANGO is too smart for that – a boundary wire defined by each user (or their dealer) keeps the mower within the perimeter of the requested yard. And don’t worry, the TANGO won’t be chopping down your flowers either! The E5 stays away from sensitive areas within its mowing boundary because you can program it to avoid flower garden beds, vegetables or other features. The E5 also features a bump sensor to help it safely avoid obstacles. Designed with safety in mind the mower will shut off it if gets tilted off the ground or when your hand touches the handle. All of these features keep the E5 from running amok and zooming off on its own. johndeeree5-1johndeeree5-2 The John Deere TANGO E5 is powered by a 36 volt, 2600 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The E5 features a “set and forget” innovative technology, when the battery is running low, it will return to its charging station to rejuvenate. Once fully recharged (about 90 minutes) the E5 will automatically return to the lawn and resume mowing. The TANGO E5 also features a pin code and locking feature to prevent theft. Now tell the truth, with all these great features, can’t you see the TANGO E5 in your yard, mowing the lawn for you? Surely, it is a must for every garden! Learn more here

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