Shower with Sunscreen

Along with summertime comes tanning. Wouldn’t it be amazing to relax all day in the sun, getting a gorgeous tan without any side effects?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you didn’t have to take all that time applying sunscreen over and over throughout the day and worrying that you missed a spot?

Of course, the issue isn’t the lack of sunscreen, but the difficulty in applying and remembering to re-apply as needed.

We’ve found the answer to both problems and it’s called the SnappyScreen machine . Invented by Kristen McClellan, the SnappyScreen machine works simply, applying sunscreen similar to the function of a spray tan device.

You select the SPF desired, step into the SnappyScreen and sunscreen is sprayed over your entire body in less than 10 seconds.


SnappyScreen features high quality nozzles designed to spray a very fine mist. The sunscreen mist is all enveloping promising full coverage to users of all shapes and sizes. These fine mist nozzles swath every inch of the body in sunscreen and dries in minutes.

SnappyScreen application is personalized for each user. SPF is available in 15, 30 and 50 allowing you to select the safest choice for your skin tone and desired protection. Users can select high settings of “above five feet tall” or “below five feet tall” promising appropriate sunscreen coverage for children and adults on their bodies. You can also choose to have sunscreen applied to your face or not.

The SnappyScreen cover is a weatherproof and UV resistant to protect the unit. The custom cover has clear paneling strips over the iconic blue lights letting guest take notice even after operational hours.

The SnappyScreen machine is ideal for your private pool, as well as in commercial settings – luxury hotels, beach resorts, cruise lines or waterparks. Wherever you need it the SnappyScreen is the perfect addition to your location.

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SnappyScreen can be conveniently located allowing users to apply sunscreen efficiently without the assistance of others. It offers full sunscreen coverage and no missed spots leading to sunburn.

In commercial settings, such as hotels, clubs or cruises, the SnappyScreen can be integrated with your POS/PMS system allowing guest to use key cards for access and payment is conveniently charged to their account. SnappyScreen cards and credit cards can also be used.


From kids to senior adults and everyone in between finds the SnappyScreen easy to use. Kids will love it because it frees them from the embarrassment of mom making them stop their play so she can apply more sunscreen. Mom can give the signal, the kids can pop into the SnappyScreen and be back at play in 10 seconds or less, fully protected from sunburn.

At home, by your private pool, or at your beach house, from the pool to the beach, the Snappy Screen is sure to delight your friends as you provide sunscreen protection and make everyone’s day more enjoyable. You can lay down on your favorit chair as the Muse chair and worry free.

Check below this video out to see all the amazing features and get your SnappyScreen machine today!

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