Shine Bright Like a Diamond…

How about if I can tell you that you do NOT need to use lights to create an atmosphere for your event and party?

Light up your space with FUGU Furniture.

FUGU_Peniche IMG_2068

Aren’t you Bored of classic furniture and flat lines?  FUGU introduces the world’s first floating & illuminated air furniture.

These furniture  come in different shapes for your different needs and life style.


A rocking chair, floating chair, sofa, donut, hammock, and table. Mix and match these illuminated products to create a bright atmosphere.

These furniture are  designed with integrated LED lamps. The lights are fully waterproof and moreover they recharge wirelessly for approximately 6 hours and can be used for between 13 and 20 hours depending on the program used. All LED lamps are supplied with a remote control.

 Easy to carry, set-up and store. Take your party anywhere your want.


You want to make your own inflatable design architecture for your brand and events?

How about if I can tell you that you can  provide the concept, and FUGU deliver the custom-made inflatable product? 

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.51.43 PMimages (10)

So if eye popping is what you’re going for, look no further.

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