Save the Earth and Drink Beer

Imagine yourself sitting on a patio drinking beer and not worrying about the ice or more trips to the fridge to grab another cold beer.

Don’t you agree that the worst thing about summer outings is the ice, or more so the lack of ice? Someone always forgets to bring the ice, leaving you stuck with warm beer. Don’t be a hater by no longer inviting those people out; everyone forgets once in a while, right?

Well, we have solution to not only keep your beer cool, but do it without depending on others to make your party go smoothly…

Picture this: all year round, cool beers, no use of electricity, and frost-free in the winter. But, then how do I keep my beer cool, you ask?

Meet the eCool in-ground cooler that stores your drinks in the earth, using the naturally cooler temperatures below your feet to make your beverages ice cold. It takes advantage of lower temperatures underground to keep beer chilled.

a-ECOOL-640x468 images (7)

No, it’s not complicated. Just dig a hole in the ground, insert the eCool, add up to 24 cans of beer, and use the simple crank mechanism to feed cooled cans to the top, and into your hands. Your beer comes to you. When beers are removed, the next is automatically pushed to the top using a pulley system.

Cold beer with no ice and no electricity is pure genius!


Have your cold beer with a good conscience.

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  1. tony
    tony 4 years ago .Reply

    Where and how much?

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