SmartUp Your Pool Cleaning

I know everyone like their pool to be always clean and debris free. Although this an impossible case.

Small debris swim in your pool and it’s hard to remove them unless we run the pool-cleaning system.We  use nets or hand skim the pool to remove leaves or debris. What about the small debris and leaves at the bottom ?

StrngRay Nets , from Smart Company, is a smart solution to remove all sizes of debris .The patented scooping edge that these nets have, help you pick up the tiniest debris.



This patented design has  extended sloping surface that slides under leaves and debris and directs it right into the bag. This extended portion also has extra room for wear, so it saves both time and money.

slide_2 (1)

StringRay Nets , scoops up leaves, rocks, coins, sand, paper clips, and toys from the bottom of the pool. How cool it that?

Get your StringRay Net .


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