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Tan without Damage!

To many people, summer means hanging out at the pool or the beach, soaking up rays in pursuit of a golden tan. But before you put on your bathing suit and head to the pool there are a few things to think about when it comes to your skin and sun exposure. We all know that the sunlight ray damages your skin and causes sunburns.

You do not care and just want a nice color? I kinda agree with that…

Would you like it if I tell you that while I was in Spoga Gafa Cologone Garden expo, I spotted a sturdy light-weight and stylish arc-shaped sunscreen bow which is specially designed for use on beaches, lakeshores, at the park and swimming-pool.

Meet the HelioBow , which is an inalienable utensil for all health conscious people who want to enjoy the sun at pleasant temperatures and avoid the disadvantages of known sun protection systems. It combines the use of a beach mat and a shade system with instantly active and reliable sun protection without health threatening side effects – that’s functional suncare.

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HelioShade ´s Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the same protection factor as sunblock lotions according to COLIPA.
HelioVital products reduce IR radiation (heat radiation) predominantly by reflection, giving our products a distinct advantage over traditional shading systems, which work on an absorption principle.
The utilization lifetime of HelioVital foils depends on the filtered UV exposure – between 1000 -4000 hours – which is the average annual insolation for Central Europe. The composition and intensity of the sunrays depend on altitude, latitude, season and time of day. It is suggested that the units are being dismantled after sunbathing to prolong utilization lifetime.

The incorporated HelioVital sun filter blocks harmful rays of the sunlight with nanometer accurancy, which are the causes of

-Skin Cancer


-Premature skin aging

-Sun allergy reactions


HelioBow with its unique selective filtration minimizes allergies and reduces sunrays causing hypersensitivity, side effects and interactions..

Isn`t it cool to tan without allergies, without sunscreen and without sweating?

It is incredibly practical in a bag everywhere it is carried along, quickly assembled and thus ready for your feel-good shade.

You can also benefit from the  SnappyScreen machine   that is a high quality nozzles designed to spray a very fine mist. The sunscreen mist is all enveloping promising full coverage to users of all shapes and sizes. These fine mist nozzles swath every inch of the body in sunscreen and dries in minutes.

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Grab a Heliobow and tan without worrying.



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