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Shelter Yourself in your Patio

Pool areas, gardens, patios and decks are the ideal spots for gathering and relaxing with friends and families on warm wonderful sunny days. When inclement weather sets in you miss those outdoor areas. Wouldn’t it be great if even on those super-hot days or  dreary rainy days you could sit out by the pool on your patio or deck and just relax regardless of the weather conditions?

Meet SHELT^R from Trade Winds  –  an innovative canvas tent which can be easily mounted on any ground surface without the need of traditional ropes and stakes. It has the shape of a simple, square house like the ones so often seen in children’s drawings. SHELT^R is a very basic but iconic design.


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The frame is created from bent steel plates which are galvanized after the assembly and welding processes. Then the steel tubes that connect the frames are galvanized for added durability and strength. The tent’s frame is covered by weatherproof fabric offered in a wide variety of designer colors and features a 10 year guarantee. The fabric is firmly stretched over the frame and fastened with three sturdy straps with ratchets under the tubes which in turn support the tent’s wooden floor. These straps are then hidden under the wooden floor that ultimately supports the tent.

The galvanized steel, the weatherproof canvas and the strong wooden floor combine to create a solid construction with a timeless design. It can easily be disassembled and transported or stored as the need arises.

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The front and back sides of the tent are open in the original design SHELT^R; but optional doors and walls can be added if you wish to make your space private. It can them become a nice space poolside for changing from clothing to swimwear for you and your guests.

Lightweight, waterproof, weatherproof, colorful and stylish – the SHELT^R tent can be a great addition to your pool area, garden, patio or deck.

The basic SHELT^R version is 250 x 250 cm and 300 cm high.
Total weight is 300 kg.

Visit SHELT^R website for more information.

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