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Glowing Umbrellas

What if I were to tell you that an ordinary looking outdoor umbrella can turn into a glowing wonder?

All it takes is the touch of a button with  a 3-channel lighting panel and proprietary finger-sensing one-touch dimmer.   Hong Kong designer Terry Chow has given outdoor illumination a particularly pretty edge with the LED-illuminated Ni Parasol outdoor umbrella.

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It’s parasol meets garden torch lending both light and shade to any pool or patio.

It may seem complicated, but believe me it is not a rocket science. The   one-touch dimmer allows for easy  lighting control with its  3-channel system. Easily installed into any parasol base, the NI Parasol is available in two convenient sizes; the 3.0 meter aluminum hub and the 3.5 meter wooden hub.  A six meter long cable connects to any AC outlet and can easily be connected to any household extension cord.

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The remote control allows  users to control up to 8 parasols at once, ensuring simple and effective operation in any commercial  setting.  Let the NI Parasol  add something special to your patio or garden.  Make that next barbecue or pool party something to talk about!

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Be different and artistic. Put something special, cozy, convenient and easy to use in your garden or patio.


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