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Only for girls who have the guts to show them off. Look closer, these are not real. It looks like she is topless but she isn’t! Imagine wearing this bra top on the beach. I bet people will double look, will walk towards you and even take pictures. Are you brave enough? Are you carless…


Water Your Garden with a Bag!

Are kinking hoses making watering your garden a frustrating, time zapping chore? Sometimes a good yank gets that water flowing again, but more often than not it’s a tedious task of retracing steps, un-kinking kinks and starting all over again. Hoses often kink because they’ve been rolled, looped or have just plain seen their day….


IV For Your Plants ??

You’re taking off on vacation? Good for you! There’s nothing like a week or two away to get that much needed R&R. But wait!  What about your fabulous ferns?   Who’s going to water them?Fear not, you can relax knowing your plants are happy and hydrated with   Just gather all your greens in one place…


Unveil Her Secret

Isn’t this model hot???  You will need to starve yourself to look like her. ..If you can’t have her body.. What about having her swimsuit???  Buying the swimsuit from Victoria Secret is the easier solution . are one of the best swim-wears in the market. They are trendy, fashionable, affordable, different and sexy… They come…


Ice frozen in a box for 5 days

Ice frozen in a box for up to 5 days? It’s true! Don’t let melted ice and warm drinks control your vacation. from Brute Outdoors, can keep ice frozen for up to five days without constant replacement thanks to 2 inches of insulation, a neoprene gasket, and cantilever latches. They also have a built-in ruler…

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Glowing Umbrellas

What if I were to tell you that an ordinary looking outdoor umbrella can turn into a glowing wonder? All it takes is the touch of a button with  a 3-channel lighting panel and proprietary finger-sensing one-touch dimmer.   Hong Kong designer Terry Chow has given outdoor illumination a particularly pretty edge with the LED-illuminated outdoor…


Envelope to A Chair

Don’t you hate carrying chairs around to camp somewhere, to throw a party or to setup a hangout place? Do you  always have to rent chairs for your event or rent a truck to move the chairs? How about if I can tell you that there are chairs that you can fold in an envelope…


Listen to your music the Marley Way

How many of us go to the pool and listen to our music through headphones? Do you feel like you are alone and on your own planet, unable to share with those around you, what inspires you? How cool is playing music aloud while tanning and hanging out? Let your friend dance, and meet new…


Your (Pool) Office Anywhere

Would you believe it if I tell you that this classic furniture is made of plastic? With this stylish and affordable chair from Mal, you can throw your feet up and twist like an office chair in comfort. Feel like you are sitting in your own office while you lounge around your house. Or, use it…

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.10.25 PM

This is not Smarties

This is how clean and beautiful your pool floor can look with drain covers from Color Match Pool Fittings, Inc. Have you ever noticed how the different color of your pool drain draws away from the attractiveness  of the rest of your pool? Every time you look down into your pool you likely notice the drain pool…