Swing On Grass

Remember when you were a kid and would lay in the grass, looking up at the clouds. Back then the little things such as bugs and dirt didn’t seem to bother you. But, as an adult every creepy-crawly is a distraction to your relaxation. Well not anymore!

With the Grass Hammock from Toer, a Netherlands based studio you can now lay in the grass and swing in a relaxed state. The mats are water and UV resistent with a multi-colored synthetic polyamide pile fabric.

The mats are hung, using carabiners, between two hard wood poles to maintain an even shape, while durable polyester straps ensure the hammock won’t collapse or snap and send you to the ground.

Imagine yourself, lying on this grassy lounger, that combines the slow movement of the hammock with the relaxed felling of lying in the fields. Hover above the ground as if you are floating on air.

Field-Hammock---Toer-(3)---ball Field-Hammock-Toer-(9)

The hammock brings you closer to nature, without the uncomfortable feeling of insects crawling all over your body. Enjoy the scenery around you from a comfortable, pest free, and safe location.

Few things in life are as refreshing as dozing off on a warm summer day with a cool breeze to softly rock you. Imagine lounging in your hammock and napping away the afternoon.

The grass hammock is a great addition to any backyard or patio space. It combines the best in relaxation and a natural looking environment. Show off your aesthetic taste in an ultra-comfortable and natural look to your yard.

Don’t let the summer skip away without experiencing your own grass hammock.

You can also swing on the Siesta Hammock

Get it now on Toer’s website for £365 


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