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Stool Up your Style

The modern look is that of angles, color, and shapes. Any difference in how you go about your life matters. This is especially so when it comes to furniture and accessories.

The  Stingo stool   from Marka Moderna are perfect for the modern family. They are an attractive look to accessorize your home.

Now you can own and decorate your area with a colorful, pretty stool which fits into several areas of your home including the outdoor areas such as terrace, garden, and pool area.


The stools are made of a stainless steel, wrapped with recycled PVC plastic cords in a range of bold colors.

These stools are attractive and small enough to fit around the home, and angled to fit neatly into a corner when not in use.


Whether you have a child heading off to college, or you need a step-up in your own home, these step stools will fit your everyday needs.

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