Sit on cement

Do you like the modern industrial appeal of cement or stone in your home? If you do, you likely already know the difficulty of transporting the giant stone or cement furniture to your home.

It requires heavy machinery, and shipping costs which can surpass that of your furniture.

very_large_5_Chairs_Detail very_large_Detail_KMD_Table

What if I were to tell you that there is furniture with the same modern look of cement, but without the weight of natural stone or cement?

Zachary design furniture is the answer to your stone and cement furniture. It is durable enough to last all seasons and may be left outside all year around without worry. It is also easy to clean and casted by hand.

small_ZBT105_1 small_ZBT202_1

Now, you have the ability to have that attractive modern industrial look without the cost and concern of weight.



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