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Not all coffee tables are the same. The color and shape of a table differentiates it from others, but do they give you the design you want?

Imagine if there was a coffee table made of high-end materials, technical excellence, and a customizable Plexiglas plate, with a discrete pocket for outdoor and indoor use.

You have no need to imagine any longer! Check out this chic UNC inflatable coffee table . It was designed with you in mind, to give you a lightweight outdoor, indoor, table perfect for wherever you need it.

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The table can be customized using printing or embroidery of your design to meet your taste and reveal your personal reflection and style.

The table is unique, stylish, and versatile. Use the table as a chair when seats run out, or have coffee on it. However you use it, you will enjoy having such a stylish piece of furniture in your booths, and events, indoors and outside.

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Name your own table now.

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