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Sit on a Lego

Lego’s have been popular for many years. They remain one of the most popular toys due to their flexibility. Kids love to play with Lego’s because, with these building blocks, they are able to create their own platform and shapes.

We, as adults, still like to play around with things, creating our own displays that reflect our sense of style and creativity.

Imagine a piece of furniture that you can turn around; a piece of furniture that changes from being a lounge sofa to a chaise longue to one big lounger / island. The creative possibilities are endless and would be even more so with a replaceable cover in various colors – from a white Nautic leather and other fabrics, on demand. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were such a piece?

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Meet the Moon Island Collection from Manutti, an ideal addition to rooftop terraces, lounges, bars, or hotels. Its light, simple, and previously unseen design allows you to change and combine the different modules to an arrangement that meets your needs.

The technical combination of materials such as the polyurethane foam filling, the waterproof Nautic finish, and aluminum structure, guarantees a highly comfortable outdoor sitting experience that can be enjoyed all year round.

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The central module can serve as both a coffee table and footrest. Around it rests four seating units in taut lines. Together, they make a perfectly designed cluster.

The structure and design of the Moon Island Collection make for seating of optimum quality and unrivalled comfort.

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Make your patio handsome and stylish with this unique, fun furniture. Take a look at it here

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