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The task of finding a hammock that not only suits your personal style and décor, but is also cozy and comfy enough to truly relax in is not an easy task. When you are looking for a hammock for your home, you have to consider where and how you can hang it simply and easily as well as the fuss of moving it inside and storing it when the weather is uncooperative. Worry no more – La Siesta Hammocks have already addressed all of your concerns from style to function to storage. hammoc      IRI-kids-hammock-chair-sq-300x300 Inspired by the functional and beautiful hammocks from South American culture; La Siesta founders, Dorothee and Alexander Grisar have created La Siesta Hammocks  -  a timeless blend of tradition and innovation. Handmade from pure, highest-quality, non-recycled cotton that is durable and long-wearing fuzz-free and soft; La Siesta Hammocks are designed with classic stripes in cheerful, vibrant colors that promise to brighten your home, porch, or yard. These comfortable hammock chairs come with an integrated spreader bar measuring 110 cm (3 ft. 7 in). If suspended from ceilings, beams and branches, a minimum height of 215 cm (7 ft. 1 in) is recommended for best results. Naturally, the hammock chair can also be expanded with arope addition. hamModesta-hammock-chair-600-300x300 Each hammock hangs from a single point with a suspension bar, forming a chair that’s large enough for sitting or lying down in cozy comfort. La Siesta Hammocks are designed for adults and children and offer safe relaxation. The soft swinging motion promotes your child’s sense of balance as well as general development. La Siesta hammock chairs provide a unique integrated safety swivel, making the product strong and sturdy,preventing crisscrossing of the ropes and ensuring safety while turning or rotating in the hammock. The doubled-weft (woven) threads prevent tearing and add strength to the edge of the fabric (selvedge). The spreader bars are made of wood from well-managed forests of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) providing durability and longevity. hammock-chair-for-children-sqorquidea-hammock-chair-300x300 This will soon become the favorite seat in the house among both children and adults. A swing and a chair in one – it is the perfect spot for relaxing, reading, chatting with friends or simply napping. TheFederal German Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise has recommended La Siesta hammock chairs for children for the many advantageous benefits. For children, while relaxing and having fun in their hammock, they’ll help develop gross motor skills, such as balance, beneficial for increasing body awareness and spatial sense. Swinging and spinning also provides sensory therapy allowing children to calm themselves and focus better. La Siesta hammocks  are safe, durable, comfortable, weatherproof, stylish and promise to highlight your living areas, inside and out! Visit today and select your perfect La Siesta hammocks for your home – then sit back and relax or snuggle up with the kids. It’s a fun and cozy way to make memories with the entire family!

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