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Color your Space and Light Up Your Party

Ever want to feel like you are in a futuristic café? The Boon chairs are a simplistic, yet stylish chair made for just such an occasion.

While the chairs have a simple style of legos or dollhouse furniture, they are anything but. Boon chairs celebrate your taste and your design.

100% French, Boon’s design from My- Loon, is a chair designed to assist you throughout your home.

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Toss a cushion or pillow on Boon chair and it becomes a snap to transform your mood into a pleasant leisure chair, coffee table or floating chair. How cool and stylish is that for a deck hangout?

Don’t you like to Mix and Match? These Boons also come in stylish stools. With ten bold and unique colors, they will become a designer chair expressing your own style and mood.

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Outdoor Lightening made simple : Light Up Your Chair !!!

Gather some Lightening Boons and decorate your party your taste, your style.

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Get your Boons to light and style up your space.  Let the party go on all night with chairs that never go to sleep.

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