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Bum Bum your Patio

In your homes, on your decks and patios, alongside your pools; everyone wants to show off their own unique styles.

Everyone has distinctive tastes in décor and their own unique lifestyles; and the differences distinguish us uniquely from one another and make life all the more interesting! To that end, everyone enjoys exclusive outdoor & house Decorating Ideas which allow them to show off their own personal style.

You likely peruse lifestyle magazines, watch with interest design television shows, browse home décorstores and expos, or copy friends’ ideas in search of your own original style.

Your backyard is one of the most important parts of your home. The  patio, deck, backyard or pool is the place for barbeques, pool parties, gatherings, and relaxing with friends and family.

At Maison & Objet Paris, I discovered the BUM BUM Collection of totally different, exceptionally designed outdoor furnishings.


The BUM BUM Collection was born from the lofty idea of, not designing mere objects, but creating something more than that – rather like musical instruments to be used for whimsical purposes – vivacious and cheerful; like the holding of a seashell to your ear to hear the ocean.

This collection is designed of tubular shapes which allow experimentation with light and sound simultaneously. Its “argonautic” form enables you to create a new environment, as well as delightfully airy spaces, wherever you are.

The collection features a sofa, a table, an armchair and the toro(bull) stool, a unique member with a great variety of functions.


This exquisite furniture offers wonderful curves and finishes. Finished in high end Italian leather, this seating could grace any patio or backyard, without a sharp edge in site, just smooth elegant musical curves.

The Bum Bum Collection is palpable, practical and comfortable, a natural show stopper for your home!


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