This is Not a Plant

The question is.. If you like nature/landscape and you live in an area where plants do not grow naturally, Can you still decorate your area with landscape icons??? YES

This creative landscape accent  Blue Agave is created by, Desert Steel located in the USA, which is famous for inventing backyard getaways.

Decorating your pool and garden area with different landscape icons is unique and cozy.

0000960_desert-steel-blue-agave-torch 0000961_desert-steel-blue-agave-torch

I believe that nature is filled with treasured icons that hold a special place in our hearts. Falling in love with these icons is easy, but as we all know and have tried, growing them is not.

You do NOT have to use other decorative products to fulfill the natural scene. Thanks to Desert Steel, you can decorate your area with steel landscape accents even if these icons never grow naturally.

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These steel structures resist rust even near saltwater, mount easily to concrete pad, weather naturally and installs easily.

Don’t you think that couple of blue agaves adds that modern art feel to any area?

It’s also an outdoor torch, So light it up!!!

Retail Prices:  Small= $270,Meduim= $320,Large= $370

Chose your Blue Agave size 











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