deck chair position

It’s all in the Legs

I really like the idea of this two- in- one chair made by ISIDORE ;that transforms from a deck chair to the below chair by ONLY transposing the legs.  Once the legs are simply adjusted, you will be enjoying the pleasure of a discussion between friends sitting on a chair, or of enjoying a nice sunny day when the 8 becomes a deck chair. How cool and simple is this???


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This deck chair is really smart because of its eco-friendly bi-materials (wood and resin). The resin is loaded with plant fibber, which gives the chair a glossy surface without chemical treatment.

It is useful, and environmentally friendly chair. It can be placed in the pool, on the terrace or in a garden as shown in the below picture.


Sans titreq

With its different stylish colors, it can style up your area.


Sans t2itre

Dont you kind of want one next to your pool now, huh?


Available Colors: White, orange, green, black and taupe

Retail Price: 589 Euros

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