Grill A Sculpture.

Nothing says summer quite like the smoky-sweet flavor of a backyard BBQ.

Everyone goes mad and starts to grill a lot when the sun is out. Strong flavors, rich sauces, charred vegetables…HEAVEN; so come on and get that grill on gang!

There are so many different sizes, brands, shapes and prices when it comes to grills.

If you are fortunate enough to own a nice patio and want to impress your guests, it may be a great investment to consider purchasing your own grill so you can thoroughly enjoy the summer BBQ madness! Do you like to be unique and stand out?

Check out this French BBQ grill from Cesarré .

KARA-BBQ-Grill1-528x352 KARA-BBQ-Grill2-528x352

It looks nothing like a typical grill but that is what makes it incredibly wonderful and unique. French designer Cesarré was not messing around when he created the  Kara Grill . Doubling as both barbecue and modern sculpture, the Kara is fashioned out of electro-polished stainless steel – offering 400 square inches of cooking surface.

Cesarré’s KARA Grill is much more than just an outdoor grill. It is a piece of art – a sculpture that looks just as good as it cooks. This extraordinary BBQ grill simultaneously cooks your food whilst serving as a decorative piece. How cool is that? 2 in 1 piece – you cannot beat it. Knowing that appearance is not everything, the quality and performance definitely counts as well.

cesarre-kara-designer-bbq Kara-Cesarré-grille

Made of zinc-coated steel, the KARA is a charcoal BBQ grill that features a removable hearth. The stainless steel grill measures 50×50 cm’s additionally, the entire structure is heat resistant and finished in thermo-chromic black paint. The frame and grill is extremely easy to clean and on top of all that – it comes a two-year warranty. The frame weighs just 131 kg minus 11 kg hearth. Only the highest quality steel is used to construct this barbecue sculpture, a design that works great for lifting your food off the flames to keep them warm and/or for serving.

hqdefault cesarre-designer-grill-kara-food

The KARA is a high performance culinary accessory that unites elegance with functionality for brightening up your ravening backyard party.

So what if you are not a great grill master? You can still ‘WOW’ your friends by having them admire the six-foot-tall circular sculpture towering above you as you man the firebox below. The charcoal grill embodies the principles of simplicity and minimalism, which means there are not any hooks, gauges, or racks to break up its elegant look.

The grill may be overbuilt, excessive and little bit expensive but if you are looking to enjoy a convivial moment with your friends around a campfire or barbecue, you can never go wrong with Kara Grill. These high-performance culinary accessories combine the elegance and functionality needed to brighten and liven up your evenings all while you enjoy a mouthwatering meal.

kara1 KARA-BBQ-Grill5-528x352

If you have money to burn, then this is probably the perfect summer accessory.

This BBQ is so stunning, it will make you pause. It is such a beautiful sculptural work of art, who would not want one? Get yours.

As for the price tag –$7,300, and worth every penny!


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