Fat Towels For All Sizes

Have you ever gone to a day spa or a nice vacation and thought about packing away some of the luxurious towels they have laying around?

I imagine most people do. Where do they get those towels anyway?

For starters try a  FatTowel. FatTowel is a USA brand. It is an oversized, triple thick cotton towel woven of fine, imported, two-ply yarns using more than 40 ounces of cotton per square yard for more coverage and more comfort. A typical beach towel rarely exceed 15 ounces.

With a standard size of 6 feet, this luxurious cotton creation delivers durable stitching, and vibrant colors, which remain strong and don’t lose color after repeat washings.


A real purpose (1)

Don’t you always like the big and fluffy robes and embroidered towels you find at luxury hotels and spas? Something about the oversized and heavy robes and towels always seems extra cozy and special to wear.


Ecru Microfiberfattowels


Thanks to FatTowels, you can have the exact towel that the Ritz Carlton Hotel has, customized with your own style, at your HOME by only ONE click.

It’s a fact that nobody throws away a towel!

Retail Price: $21.50-$35



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