Bring a Gondolier Home

Pool parties usually consist of a gathering of friends, lots of food, beverages, splashing and of course – music! You probably spend a lot of time and money getting the speakers just right and choosing the perfect songs for the occasion, don’t you?

After all, you want everything to be fun and enjoyable for your guests.Why not stop your usual routine and try something completely different?

from Swimways, is the perfect choice for bringing something totally fun and completely different to your pool parties! The motorized Singing Pool Gondolier lets you bring the romance and music of Venice to your pool. This whimsical pool accoutrement features a 15″L gondola that glides around your pool as adorable gondolier Luciano Poolvarotti entertains you and your guests with three traditional Italian songs (‘O Sole Mio’, ‘Finiculi Finicula’, ‘La Donna e Mobile’).

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The Gondolier serenades you and your guests as his gondola slowly floats around the pool. Luciano mouth actually moves as he sings his delightful serenades and has two settings to create the perfect ambience for your special gathering as he lights up as he floats around your pool.

You have control of where the Gondolier goes by simply flipping the boat’s rudder you direct the gondolier to paddle a straight, clockwise, or counterclockwise or if you want him to be close by simply turn off the motor and he’ll stay nearby, floating naturally.

Get your Gondolier now and let the fun begin.


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