Carry your Lamp Everywhere

Lighting is one of the best and simplest ways to accent your décor. Light enriches, brightens, and delights indoor and outdoor living spaces in ways other accessories cannot.

When choosing lighting for your home’s living areas, electrical outlets are not always where you’d like,thus making light placement more difficult. Wires running to and along the floor can cause unnecessary and unwanted hazards to children, grandparents, guests and even pets. Well no more!

Meet the Bloom Portable lamp from Bloom Holland! It is a wonderful whimsical cordless lamp perfect for indoor/outdoor lighting as it moves easily from place to place wherever it’s needed. It is also a waterproof outdoor lamp with a handle for transporting that truly lights the imagination.

bloom-lamp (1) bloom-lamp

This charming lamp can be used anywhere inside or outside your home because it does not need a cord or an electrical outlet. With the innovative handle on the top, this lamp is ready to travel easily in your house or garden. All you need to do is simply charge it and it’s ready to go for seven hours with an array of dazzling colorful lights.

The Bloom Portable Lamp contains a rechargeable and interchangeable Li-ION battery with the same excellent light output as its electric competitors. The 12-volt fluorescent light bulb is replaceable and promises light output greater than LED lighting. The inventive diffuser is designed in durable polyethylene and provides enchanting light in any setting.

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Because the Bloom Portable Lamp is weatherproof and extremely stable in windy conditions, it can be used virtually anywhere outside, on the patio, the deck, by the pool or even while camping! It’s perfect for late night pool parties with friends or a lavish garden party.

The Bloom Portable Lamp comes in white, green, pink and a wide variety of captivating colors to light up your nights! It’s offered in three sizes: 28 cm, 40 cm and 56.

Visit today and choose your favorites to accent your décor beautifully.




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