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Bike It.Don’t Sweat It

I know some people do not like to practice sports because its tiring, and boring. I agree with them…

They may prefer water aerobics, which includes all courses fitness in the water. This is a gym that is practiced on a faster pace than the aerobics. The water aerobics is done with different accessories  which  is a fun sport.


WaterFlex has created water  AquaBikes , which  is the new aquatic discipline adopted by fitness clubs, offices physiotherapy & hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy spas or hotels with spa. This activity is simply pedaling in water on a bicycle at the rate music programming for about 45 minutes .

Picture this, you get the benefits of fitness and those of the buoyancy of the water. Our body weighing more than 1 / 10th of its weight, the joints are freed of gravity and avoid the constraints of an activity room. The benefits can be numerous:

  • This mixing of water creates a drainage massage stimulates blood circulation in the legs. Your legs look so relieved, lighter.
  • The movement of water associated with aquatic exercises positively influence  the Body Muscles.
  • The fluidity of movement in water preserves sensitive joints and contributes to joint flexibility minimising risks aches.



There are 2 Types on AquaBikes, the playful, easy Family Bike and the  intense, professional Water Rider 4 S  .

family_bike_aquabike01      rider4S_aquabike

 AquaBikes  , are lightweight and easy to use. Don’t you prefer to bike in the water and stay cool? I personally hate sweating in the gym or home.

Get your Fun AquaBike Now.

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