Become the King of Your Pool

The King Kia floater from Floating Luxuries grabbed my attention with its superior style, color, comfort and size. Wash away your worries while floating comfortably in your pool. The soft and plush fabric form fits to your body like a soft pillow and gives you the feel of floating on air. A drain on the reverse side to keep you cool while relaxing and facilitate quick drying.

In the pool, at the beach, on the boat, by the ocean, lake, or river, you can enjoy pleasurable relaxation at any of your favorite water areas.

Relax alone, or with friends on your favorite holiday or simple weekend.


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King Kai created by an American company, Floating Luxuries ltd. is an oversized floater designed to gently embrace the body with full support. It supports up to 600 lbs. with dimensions of: 58″ x 72″.

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With calming beachy colors of Pacific Blue, Aquamarine, Logo Red, Capri, and Gingko Green you can fit the motif of any water location.

You can feel like a queen or a king for a price of $249.95 only.

To get and style your King Kia, its only one click away.

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