To all Bag Lovers, This is not a bag

Haven’t you noticed, that hoses are the most used accessory in your patio and the ugliest product?  But you can change that with the below gorgeous hoses.

Now you can add glamour to your garden with the range of luxurious yet fun high quality hoses and accessories. Designed to become a feature in your garden , you can banish your boring green hose to the shed and display a striking Garden Glory hose in its place!

garden_glory_atmo_02 Garden-Glory-Hose-Reindeer-Antler-Wall-Mount-Home-2

I know you hate it when people suddenly come over to your house and you hurry to hide the ugly hoses.Now don’t hide anymore, have more time to go fix yourself : ) This special hose from Garden Glory with its smart packaging is an eye catching product. These hoses are 20 meters, flexible and easy to use due to its knitted fabric reinforcement. This means that they do not fold but can withstand daily use in all weathers. Hoses beautiful colors and luster is also combined with a UV protection to enable them to keep their brilliance over time.

1200x1200_hose_candy_crush-600x600 1200x1200_hose_graceful_rock1

Imagine you can drink water straight up from a hose!!!! Do it Now with these hoses, they are free from lead and cadmium. To make this cooler, these hoses come with nozzles and wall mounts that can be combined and mixed in all variations for your taste. Hose up your patio with style.

wallmount_candy_crush bild077candycrush_brass_closeup

Colours: Candy crush pink, black swan, white snake, gold digger and graceful rock grey

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