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As seen in Disney

To those who thought Baloon is a vulgar « pouf », please wake-up !

It Its more fun than you could imagine, and like all Florence Jafrain’s creations, which are made in France, is also very practical.

This time, do not think that you already know Ba- loon, check out this very expected new Outdoor version and the most prestigious version- all leather dressed. You will also have the possibility to change the finishing colours details of the leather version.

I am amazed by this light and adjustable furniture which is designed to adapt to changing circumstances, to follow our desires and needs which are perpetually changing

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The large model weighs only 7 kg and is easily transportable.

Even your kids can carry one and chose any location to sit and play .


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The secret?

Between the cover and polystyrene beads, a shell of flexible foam accompanies our movements, offering a completely new level of comfort.

Baloon is available in 3 sizes (S/M/L) also comes in 14 colours. If you getting tired quickly, the covers are interchangeable for more fun !

Retail Price : Small= $ 149, Meduim= $269, Large = $389.

Visit Baloon for more information.


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