Red,Pretty & Heats?

Infrared Heaters are finally made pretty

It takes a lot to impress me. I mean, I look at pool products every day and, to be honest, most are very similar. They aren’t bad products, they just aren’t terribly special. That was until I saw this very cool product. Actually, it’s hot—in a cool way. Let me explain.

I was at the Maison & Objet Expo in Paris when I spotted an infrared heater by Phorma Lab . Infrared heaters aren’t usually attractive. They have great advantages, but their shape and look is a turn off.

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Until now.

This one was gorgeous. Now, I, personally, have never seen a beautiful infrared heater before so this caught me off guard. I decided, right then and there, that I had to blog about it and share this unique high performance Italian designed heater with our readers.



HotDoor  is a high-style designed infrared lamp for external and internal heating to keep people warm. It joins technology and respect for the environment with the exclusive artistic, sophisticated creation of the designer, Antonio Di Chiano. Designed to look like a floral element, the infrared lightly heats the skin, copying the same warmth as is found in rays of the sun.


HotDoor heaters are very economical, they are practical to use and easy to install. They do not require skilled maintenance and repair, and they have a long service life. Available in two different strengths, as either a free-standing or wall unit, the HotDoor comes in 120 different color combinations giving you a wide variety to chose from so you’re almost guaranteed to find the right infrared heater for your needs. It is easy to introduce into any design style from classic to modern. HotDoor is completely customizable, and it can be used in a variety of environments: patios, gardens, near your pool, on the terrace, and more!

phorma3    phorma5

The infrared heaters of the Phormalab HotDoor line optimize the angle of refraction of infrared shortwave rays by means of reflectors, which, in general, are of fundamental importance for the efficient operation of the infrared radiation heater. The infrared method of heat transfer assumes the heating of surfaces (floors, walls, furniture) in the heating zone instead of air, as in case of convection heating. It ensures the absence of air flow, eliminates the accumulation of dust, and preserves the warmth underneath, near surfaces, instead of heating the overhead ceiling space. The HotDoor heater does not dry the air or burn oxygen. It is quiet and its modern design allows it to fit into any decor.

So, now, when the weather is cooler, you won’t feel your pretty pool teasing you and reminding you of the fun you had in the summer. You won’t have to only wish you could have your friends over for a BBQ and drinks. You can party outdoors all winter long! With the HotDoor infrared heater, you won’t have to worry about it being too cold to enjoy the outdoors.

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