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Guess what your pool is missing?

Tanning is one of the best parts of the summer but only if it’s done in a safe, healthy way. Too much of a good thing, in this case a tan, can be harmful. When the sun is out and the weather is beautiful; it’s hard to resist spending your entire day at the pool….


Leaves Leave Alone.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a tool to clean your pool of debris, in minutes, before it ever reaches the pool bottom? What if the tool required little time, effort, or money to accomplish the task? Anyone who has ever owned a pool knows maintaining a clean pool is not an easy task….


Small But Big Impact.

With life’s frantic pace, who can find the time to mow the lawn, much less the time to trim, weed, edge and landscape the yard? Busy lives and hectic schedules often mean the lawn doesn’t get mowed when needed. Maintaining your yard and garden is a time-consuming task, but advancements in technology and gardening promises to make lawn care faster, more fun and much less difficult….

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Music in a Lunch Box

The sun is beaming and the beach is beckoning you! All you need to do is slip into your swimsuit; grab your sunscreen, towel, bottled water and your favorite summer songs playlist and hit the beach. Who said the beach is just about tanning? Chilling at the beach or pool just isn’t the same without your smooth…


Grill A Sculpture.

Nothing says summer quite like the smoky-sweet flavor of a backyard BBQ. Everyone goes mad and starts to grill a lot when the sun is out. Strong flavors, rich sauces, charred vegetables…HEAVEN; so come on and get that grill on gang! There are so many different sizes, brands, shapes and prices when it comes to grills. If you are fortunate enough…


Pool Outside?

This sleek and attractive pool table is not just for decoration, it is actually an avant-garde, concrete pool table that can be placed anywhere. Thanks to James DeWulf furniture , now the game of billiards is modernized and styled in the industrial look of a new futuristic generation. ​The pool table is made of light gray concrete…

Swimming pool ideas Muse chair

Muse Your Body

Don’t we all enjoy hanging out in a stylish and relaxing tanning chair with the sun warming our bodies? I know you like to decorate your pool or terrace area with chairs that are attractive and suite your taste. Nicknamed “Beautiful Beaches”, the long from My Croisette, features a plastic that not only mimics perfectly the…

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Climb, Splash & Repeat

Are you a thrill seeker? Someone who loves sports and adventures? Do you dream of climbing a mountain or even scaling a wall? But confess to the fear of falling? Or possibly there is no time or money to make the dream happen? What would you think if you could climb a wall with no…


Become the King of Your Pool

The King Kia floater from Floating Luxuries grabbed my attention with its superior style, color, comfort and size. Wash away your worries while floating comfortably in your pool. The soft and plush fabric form fits to your body like a soft pillow and gives you the feel of floating on air. A drain on the reverse side to…


Shower with Sunscreen

Along with summertime comes tanning. Wouldn’t it be amazing to relax all day in the sun, getting a gorgeous tan without any side effects? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you didn’t have to take all that time applying sunscreen over and over throughout the day and worrying that you missed a spot? Of course, the…